It’s not the first time that social media apps have ditched us like this. It has happened before, & it will happen again. 

So, to save you from that boredom, we have a list of things you can do when Facebook including, WhatsApp & Instagram, is down. 

1. Learn to become a Twitter or LinkedIn Influencer: the next time social media goes down, you’ll rise like a phoenix.

2. Remember how you complained about getting no sleep? Yeah, I know how sleep-deprived we all are. So, the next time Facebook is down, go to sleep. 

3. Start talking to your family members. Turns out, they can be nice sometimes.

4. Note down, seconds & minutes you can live without social media. 

5. Switch to Telegram or Signal and bol bol ke sabko scheme bata de

6. Plan your Goa trip. You may actually make it this time if you truly plan it. 

7. You already know this one! Call that friend to whom you said “I’ll call you in 2 minutes” & you are still here reading this. 

8. Cry for no reason. You’re already doing it anyway. Now, you have more time.

9. Think of Duke from Bridgerton and TOUCH yourself. (If you, you know)

10. Set up that wardrobe you have been intending to clean for a long time. 

11.  Also, go fill those bottles your mother asked you to fill.  

12. Test your limit: take a cute selfie/sunrise photograph and see how long before you have a breakdown because you can’t post it.

13. Power-potty: Discover how little time it takes you to take a shit. 

14.  Send text messages to your friends. Let’s see how long the conversation carries on.

15. Spend hours under the shower. Literally, no one cares right now.

16. Memorize the names of cosmetic products available in the washroom. Because why not?

17. Go through your phone gallery to see how many un-posted pictures you’ve taken. 

18. Play Ludo or monopoly and every time the game ends, start over. 

19. Channel your Gordon Ramsay. It’s time to cook something nice. Just, not Dalgona coffee. 

20. Watch all the new shows on your Netflix watch list. 

Honestly, there is so much you can do.