If you happen to live in this country and have a mind of your own and say, you exercise free will, there are high chances that you will find yourself behind bars after a while. So, in order to help you navigate these treacherous waters, we made a little list of Do’s and Dont’s to keep you out of jail.  

1. Don’t go around asking for oxygen even if your family members are dying.

The Hindu

2. Don’t go to protests or anywhere the government doesn’t want you to go.

The Wire

3. Don’t go around reporting on rape cases in UP, especially if you’re a Muslim. 


4. Don’t speak up for the marginalised and or express dissent with government policies.

Indian Express

5. You can peddle provocative bigoted news as long as you don’t question the government.

Live Law

6. You can also murder people if you belong to upper caste of the majority religion in this country.

India Today

7. You can beat up people from the DBA community, irrespective of their religion, for selling cattle.

India Today

8. You can make a whole ‘news’ channel to spread bigotry and communalism and it’ll all be fine.

Alt News

9. Don’t make memes dissenting against institutions of the country.


10. Don’t be a human rights defender all your life.

Frontline Defenders

11. You can throw out a rape threat here and there as long as the Prime Minister follows you on Twitter.

Indian Express

12. You can also brandish guns at a peaceful protest and injure people with impunity.


13. You can be the biggest superspreader of COVID in the country.

The Wire

14. You can be accused of domestic terrorism and be fine as long as you win the elections.

The Quint

15. Spew communal hatred at a COVID centre.


16. Don’t let yourself be found studying in a college library late in the evening.

The Wire

17. Don’t sell non-veg food on the days other people celebrate their own festivals which have nothing to do with you.

Times of India

18. Don’t say cow dung can’t cure COVID, even if you know it’s true. 

India Today

19. Don’t make ‘toolkits’ to help poor farmers protesting against an unjust law.


Now, you know.