There’s no way I’d believe that years ago, the child who found page-writing homework sickening is well, now a writer.  

With 2020 turning our lives upside down, it’s interesting to picture what ‘today’ would feel like, years and years ago.

Our imagination aligned with a Reddit thread we recently came across on the Internet. People are discussing what can they say in 2021 which would sound crazy in 2001 and honestly, it will make you wonder.

1. “Saying that Donald Trump will be president would probably get you stabbed.”

2. “So….Amazon is practically taking over the Western world.”

– kaeji

3. “Bank teller: Excuse me sir, the bank’s policy is for everyone to wear a mask.”

4. “Billionaires are having a space race.”

– Yeezus0101 

5. “Ok Google, create a new event.”

– gurrney

6. “Ok let’s hop onto zoom for our class.”

7. “I’m going to listen to any song I would like in a library that has millions of songs available. Neither of them are stored physically in this device I’m holding.”

8. “I forgot my wallet… oh wait I can just pay with my phone.”

9. “Excuse me, I need to go unplug my e-cigarette so I can plug in my e-reader.”

10. “How much storage does you computer have? Mine doesn’t have that much, only like 2 terabytes. My phone only has 128gb.”

11. “A TON of people identify as genders other than he, she, or they.” 

12. “Can I see your vaccine passport please?”

13. “Saying about the pandemic is the most common.”

14. “Oh go on ahead honey I forgot my mask in the car.”

15. “I’m going to watch a full high resolution movie online, without having to download it, AND I can do it in my phone / TV / videogame console / computer. Also, those devices don’t have a cable that provides internet to them directly.” 

16. “How old is Al Pacino?”

“IDK let me check. ‘Hey Siri, how old is Al Pacino?’ ‘Al Pacino is 81 years old’. 

We literally walk around with all the world’s knowledge at our fingertips in our pocket.”

17. “I’m going to use the internet to flag a stranger down so I can get in a car with them and go somewhere!

Seriously, Lyft and Uber were the parental nightmare of the turn of the century.”

– Zulias

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