A few days ago, one Twitter user posed this innocent question to the world at large.Β 

Now, there’s all kinds of ways to answer that question, so we thought we’d take a stab at it too. Inflation, the budget, and salaries be damned, here are many of the things you can still get for free in this great country.

1. Free stares from men.

ED Times

2. Free trash on every corner.

ED Times

3. Free opinions about how we should live our lives courtesy neighbourhood uncles and aunties.


4. Free trolling from bhakts.


5. Free air pollution.


6. Free comparison to Sharma ji ka beta.

Times of India

7. Free jail time for cracking jokes.

Free Press Journal

8. Free promises from politicians. *conditions apply

Zee News

9. Free TRPs depending on which news channel you are.

Best Media

10. Free tweets from Kangana, whether you want them or not.

Indian Express

11. Free (fake) news on WhatsApp.


12. Free bans and boycotts of everything under the sun.

Freedom House

Who doesn’t enjoy free stuff?