All us 20-somethings will agree on one thing and that is, saving money is one of the hardest things to do. Every month, we make a pact with ourselves that no matter what, at the end of the month, we would have saved at least half of our salary. But sadly, that never happens. Come the 30th and all we are left with is a very large dent in our pocket. Here are some things you will relate to if you have trouble saving money:

1. All your outings are restricted to the beginning of the month because, by the end of it, you never have any money.

2. The whole concept of saving up to buy something is alien to you.

3. Your bank account is always dangerously close to its minimum balance.

4. A major portion of your salary is spent on your worst nemesis, your credit card.

5. Throughout the year you never save and thus, when it comes to filing taxes, you always end up paying more!

6. And then you promise yourself that the following year, you will save at least half of your salary but as always, fail to do so.

7. You are pretty clueless about how much money you actually spend and always wonder, where did it all go?

8. There are times when you look at the balance in your account and weep.

9. If there’s a month when your expenditures were not so much and you managed to ‘save’ a little, you reward yourself by going to a really expensive restaurant! (And thus, go back to square one).

10. When anyone tells you to start saving money, you simply drop lyrics from NOTORIOUS B.I.G’s song, ‘Mo Money, Mo Problem.’ 

“I don’t know what, they want from me. It’s like the more money we come across, the more problems we see.”

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Feature Image Source: Achieve Property