We’ve all heard stories about how someone’s mom saves them from their dad when they get in trouble. But do you know what goes down in a single parent household? Let’s find out!

1. There’s only ‘The One’ to take any permissions from, and sometimes they say no just to mess with you.


2. There is no ‘Other One’ to save you from an ass whooping and you really have to butter them up.


3. You’re the better half that has the wonderful responsibility of doing all the boring things.

 4. You get stuck in accompanying your parent to random social/family events.


5. Since it’s just you and them at home, they pick up your mannerisms and language, and that doesn’t work out well in your favour.


 6. They spend so much time with just you that they see right through your bullshit.


7. They cook only on weekends because they’re always busy with work, and you’re stuck with eating leftovers all week.

8. It is easier to sneak out of the house because you have to get past only one parent. 

9. The scam of double pocket money is impossible in a single parent household.


10. They’re very extraaa when you achieve something because your success is what they live for….but kabhi kabhi zyada ho jata hai.


11. You can’t relate to your friends when they talk about how both their parents team up against them.


12. They get super dramatic when you mention ‘moving out’ of the house since you’re their only company at home.


13. We all got in trouble with our folks if we didn’t perform well in school, but a single parent gets super mad because they don’t want to get blamed for it.


14. They keep showing you off to the world like you’re their trophy because you’re their only sahara in life. 


15. But at the end of the day, you’re grateful for all that they do for you in spite of the hardships, and you’d have it no other way.


Your single parent more than often ends up being your friend, your confidante and your guardian all in one. Their love is fierce and it’s all for you.