The beauty of life is that it can take one small thing to make our day good. But a small thing is also capable of spoiling our whole mood. 

We came across this Instagram account called just_here_to_ruin_your_day and it does exactly what it says – ruins our day. While some might find it unnerving, some can find it downright hilarious. We compiled some of the most vaguely uncomfortable photos from this account, because why should we be suffering alone?

Me running after my common sense when I get drunk. 

Prima Donna Baba Ramdev.

Stranger Things’ Upside Down.

Kuch Kuch Dora Hai.

Me looking at all my ex-friends jo saanp nikle

Shahrukh Khan + Shahid Kapoor = Sunny Deol?

The side of history none of your school textbooks will show. 

Bauji was dignified in letting Simran go to the rightful winner. 

The Hand(less) Of The King. 

Pappu can’t dance, or swim. 

The Presidential Medal of Honour. 

Meet Mr. Anand Roshan

Arnab, here you go.