Michel Gondry’s Eternal Sunshine Of A Spotless Mind is one of my favourite movies. Two people erasing each other from their memories was weirdly romantic, making it a timeless saga of love.

But I am afraid it has got nothing on Mithun Chakraborty’s Diya Aur Toofan, which is by far the most brilliantly executed science fiction ever made – going by this video I came across on YouTube.

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To come straight to the point, Amar (played by Mithun) is getting married to Asha (Madhoo) but dies right before their wedding and his dead body is found by his friend Dr. Vijay (Suresh Oberoi).

Asha, oblivious to what awaits her is doing pelvic thrusts in her red lehenga downstairs, and your heart just goes out to the poor girl.


Meanwhile, Vijay summons police to look at his friend’s laash but it’s nowhere to be found. 

Where did it go?

Well, it was taken to the hospital by Gyaneshwar (Kader Khan), and that is where the magic happens (this story has a positive ending, don’t worry).


Gyaneshwar tells Dr. Vijay that Amar’s brain is still functioning, and that they should remove it and put in someone else’s head so that they can know who his murderers were. 

Imagine if this is how things worked in real life? You put one person’s brain in another person who is brain dead and whoosh! Not only have you saved a life, you also transfer all the memories, so case solved.

Ye brain toh pen drive ho gaya.


Anyhow, Dr. Vijay readily agrees and performs the operation. Alone. In what looked like sawing, he cut Amar’s head, took out the brain and put in ‘deep freeze’. 

How do I know? Because the instrument says ‘deep freeze’. Koi confusion nahin hona chahiye. 


Coming back to Asha, who has already slapped a lady who informed her of Amar’s demise, is now dancing inside a temple out of rage (as one does).

And suddenly, she slips. Guess what happens next? Yes, you are correct, Asha needs a new brain. 

Everyone wins.


She is admitted to the same hospital as Amar and Dr. Vijay is like chalo badhiya opportunity. He takes out Amar’s brain from ‘deep freeze’, saws Asha’s head this time and fits the bloody thing inside.

Asha is critical.

But Asha survives.


After a few days, Asha wakes up with the thoughts of Amar murderers, and unsurprisingly also with hair-style and skin colour.


Immediately after gaining consciousness, she starts cracking jokes (because atmosphere lively rehna chahiye). 

However, there is a twist.

Asha and Amar are both practically dead as one’s body isn’t working and one’s brain.


They can only be alive as a combo. Like fries with coke, and samosa with chutney. 

Okay, that was insensitive but ultimately, Asha starts talking like Amar and you have to watch the movie to know what happens next. 

I am not going to, so let me know as well. But until you watch this masterpiece, here is the scene for intellectual stimulation. Enjoy. 

Also, it’s almost 2020 and no brain transplant has been conducted till now. Bollywood leading the way? Hell yes!