If you have used a fake ID to buy booze at some point in your life, you know there are a few things you shouldn’t do. Like, using a popular face on your fake ID. 


Well, I guess, nobody told this Canadian dude that. 

A Canadian man was recently caught online trying to purchase weed online by using a fake ID that has the name ‘Thor Odinson’ on it. 


This is not a joke. This actually happened. 

According to Twitter user @Cottoncandaddy, a man tried to buy weed using Thor’s identity card. 


And guess what the name on the ID is! ‘Thor Thunder Odinson’. 

Even the address on the card is ridiculous. It reads –  ’69 Hammer Ln, Calgary AB T2M 0AB’. 

This has resulted in Twitter losing its mind. 

You know what the funniest part is? Weed is actually legal in Canada. So it was probably some 15-year-old trying to get high. Or, maybe, it was some already high dude, who wanted to have a bit of fun! Either way, those are some mad photoshop skills.