In an effort to maintain a healthier lifestyle, a lot of us may take to gymming and dieting. But, no matter how noble our intentions may be, we rarely, if ever, stick to a regime long enough to enjoy the end results. 

And this ‘exciting’ process of weight-loss is what comedian Angad Singh Ranyal describes, with unerring accuracy, in his latest stand-up, Losing Weight.

He begins his act by talking about how, while growing up, he was an extremely skinny kid, who never gained weight, no matter what he ate. 

However, when he turned 26, his body suddenly transformed. And though he ‘loved his paunch’, he decided to join a gym to maintain his weight. 

What he didn’t expect was how ‘costly’ gymming could turn out to be. 

When gymming ended up in failure, and even his dietician ‘fired’ him, his wife gifted him a Fitbit. 

And that’s when Angad discovered a ‘cheat code’ to record the maximum number of steps. 

You can watch the complete video here:

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Design Credits: Aprajita Mishra