In today’s episode of ‘what’s cute on internet today’, we have an adorable diabetic grandad who snacks like there’s no tomorrow. From half a dozen bananas to countless achappams, he gulps down everything that he shouldn’t in seconds.

Nihal Ranjit, or better known as jugalchutney, started a rib-tickling series ‘Keeping Up With Grandpapi’ on his Instagram handle. In the 3-episode hilarious series, he shows us how his grandfather picks up snacks from the kitchen when no one’s around. 

Honestly, aren’t all dads the same?

In the pilot episode of the series, Nihal mentions how his diabetic grandad loves devouring fruits and snacks.

He carefully waits until no one is in the kitchen and then simply goes for it.

Until his mum got involved in the matter.

Move over, Sherlock Holmes. Our desi mothers are better detectives.

Now he’s hurt.

However, he made a promise.

But promises are meant to be broken, right?

Moving to the second episode, the grandpapi is now devouring achappams which is a sweet Kerala snack. Although he’s allowed to eat two of this snack, he downed about 130 achappams

But, mommabear is not playing.

Few days (and snacks) later, they got invited to a wedding and of course, grandpapi is going. With a clear intention:

And they are there.

It’s buffet time.

It’s the third episode already and the banter between Mommy Holmes and grandpapi is still on.

The man said it.

Grandpapi be like: Take my money and give me some achappam coins.

In conversation with ScoopWhoop, Nihal Ranjit described what made him start the hilarious series.

A couple of months back, my grandfather was trying to convince the entire family that we weren’t in the room when the doctor told him he could eat 6 bananas a day. I think this incident perfectly captures what this series is about.  

Not just us, but even netizens are going crazy with this grandad’s cuteness.


We cannot wait to watch the finale of this series. You can watch his sidesplitting series here:

Episode 1:

Episode 2:

Episode 3:

Note: All images in the article are from his videos.

All we want to do RN is binge-eat a huge basket of healthy snacks with grandpapi.