Dr. KK Aggarwal is the recipient of Padma Shri and the President of Confederation of Medical Associations in Asia and Oceania & HCFI.

He is also one of the few people in India to have received Covid vaccine. 

Without his wife. 

In an amusing video which is doing rounds on the internet, his wife can be heard scolding him, and asking, “Mujhe saath mein nahin le jaa sakte the?”.

The doctor, who was live on TV, telling people about the vaccine itself, got a call from his wife mid-session. And he picked it up. 

Not knowing that he was in for some chiding. As soon as he said hello, his wife asked him about the vaccine and when he said yes, she responded:

Bohot hi ajeeb ho tum. Why didn’t you take me with you? This is not done. Don’t lie to me, main abhi tumhari aisi ki taisi karti hun

All he could say to her in response was that he had gone to check if the vaccine was available and in the end a feeble “band karo” to someone in the car. 

The internet, as you can imagine, is having a lot of fun with the video.

The video blew up so much that Doctor Aggarwal had to address the issue with a tweet and to be honest, it was really sweet and responsible.

Certainly something they’ll talk about for days, though. So will the internet.