I’ve pondered over how relaxed the life of a dog is and how epic it could be to be one. In the case of this British dude, Thomas Thwaites’s choice was a goat. Have you ever been so stressed out in life that you wondered whether you could turn into a goat and just chill for a bit? That’s an honest question. Well our Brit over here managed to pull it off and it seems like he might be making a habit of it.

You see, this little guy at the ScoopWhoop office has it all figured out.

Thomas Thwaites ended up having a sort of epiphany back in 2014.

In an interview with Mirror, UK, he said:

I work freelance so employment isn’t always regular. I was looking after a friend’s dog, Noggin the Irish terrier, and I was having a ‘what am I doing with my life’ moment. I thought, ‘Noggin, you are so lucky’ and began wondering how I might see life from that perspective.

Thwaites decided that the only way was to lead a life on four legs among livestock. There are cat people, there are dog people, and then there is Thomas Thwaites.

Deciding to ditch the comfort zone and leave it behind, Thwaites headed toward the Swiss Alps, joined a herd of goats who accepted him and slept in a barn with the herd. This is a true story; he even ate grass.


But, life as a goat, as it turns out, is slightly more expensive than you think.

Thwaites had to write to a charitable organization, The Wellcome Trust, for a nearly ₹27 Lakh grant, to be able to research to turn into a goat. After conducting research at the Royal Veterinary College, Thwaites contacted a prosthetics expert at Salford University who helped him build a goat exoskeleton.


Thwaites spent three days with the herd in the Alps.

Getting used to the suit and sticking with the herd turned out to be more of a challenge than he expected, he recounted. “All the points where the suit rubbed got blisters and bruises,” he told the Mirror.


For now, it seems he got along with the herd pretty well. “The goats were fine with me to be honest, once they got used to me they just went about their business,” he said. “One particular goat made friends with me and followed me all over the place.” He has also documented his entire experience in his book GoatMan: How I Took a Holiday from Being Human.

When life gives you lemons, go full goat on it. You deserve to.

Masthead Source: rvc.ac.uk, Feature Image Source: gistus.com