Sponsored by Heineken
Beta, Engineering ke bina kya future hoga?” – Every parent ever.

Most of us have heard similar statements, at some point or the other. And in fear of disappointing our parents, we have often given up on our dreams and chosen the “safe” career options, just to please them. The sad truth is that it still remains a little difficult to explain our ambitions to them, no matter how understanding they might be.

Through this thoughtful video, Heineken has managed to start a dialogue between parents and children in a light-hearted manner. The video features a stand-up comic describing typical Indian dialogues around careers and dreams. His performance leaves both parents and youngsters sitting in the audience, in splits. The end though, is rather unexpected and eye-opening. Quite honestly, I’m glad to see someone taking charge of conversations around this much-neglected issue. Make sure you watch the video with your parents!