It’s completely cringe-worthy when your parents rapidly swipe through your gallery to chance upon that semi-nude photo of yours or that naughty text you sent to your Tinder date. Now imagine a scenario when you get a gift from your mom and you unhappily unwrap it to find a pop pink dildo.

That’s the scenario a hysterical Shelby Donovan thought she was in, when she unwrapped her present in front of her beaming family. 


It was a grave scene indeed as Shelby stared at her gift, which she was holding the wrong way, a vivid pink YETI cup holder. Though let’s face it the ribbed handle does resemble a dildo and in no way a cup holder handle. 


A horrified and pretty embarrassed Shelby took to Twitter to emote her many feelings, after all it’s not everyday that we unwrap an almost dildo in front of a family. 

While several have pointed out the cup holder’s alternative uses, Shelby’s family seems to be pretty cool. Like, that is one awesome grandma.

Here’s to more such pleasantly surprising multipurpose cup holders. FYI they’re available on Amazon.