How a person enjoys their meal is a subjective matter but people across the globe are certainly very creative when it comes to having unusual eating habits. We have come across people trying weird food combinations and even different ways of eating them. 

Taking, for example, to eat popcorn with chopstick is as stupid as it is peculiar, yet, we could tolerate it.

It was also bearable until a fork and knife were used for chapati.

However, this instance, noticed by a Reddit user who posted his younger brother’s picture of eating a burger layer by layer is unacceptablleeee!!

This young man has the audacity to first dissect the burger and then eat it. Good lord, he might grow up into a sociopath!

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The Internet seems to have strong feelings as they find this guy’s method violating the pious rules of having a burger. 

Here’s what Redditors have to say:

But hey, it’s 2020… You can be as bizarre as you want to be and do whatever TF makes you happy.