It is as easy to spot an Indian abroad as it is to tell day from night. And no, it’s not just our skin colour that gives us away. We walk with a spring in our step, and a curious look in our eyes, like everything we come across is pure magic! We try to fit in and talk with an accent, even when it means we have to twist our name; dress up in ways we would not even consider here, and strut around wearing straw hats even if it makes us look awfully out-of-place. 

Frankly, it is quite entertaining to watch an Indian abroad, just like this video by stand-up comedian Varun Thakur where he is talking about the things we do and don’t do when we’re not on our turf. 

We bet you can’t disagree that half the funny things we do abroad are only because we want to stay in touch with our friends and family back home. Well, at least that problem is solved with Airtel’s International Roaming Pack. So, make sure you have it the next time you’re headed for that vacation.