Sponsored by Carlton Edge

Luggage bags are supposed to be our steadfast companions when we’re out to see the world, but as luck would have it, they often fall to prey to damage at the worst of times! Some companionship, eh? Doesn’t it make you wish that your bags would either be more durable or have an easier option for its servicing, should things go south? Y’know, something that would help a bit with the unpredictability of life when we forget to do the same.

Fortunately, the folks at Carlton Edge beat us to it and came up with an interesting idea to demonstrate just how durable their services are – they had a gorilla attack the luggage! Now I know you’re thinking that it might sound dangerous and even borderline crazy, but think about it – can there actually be a better (and a more hilarious) test of endurance? Catch the hilarious video here.

The point they are trying to make from all the monkey business (pun intended), is this – no matter how implausible the reason behind the damage, Carlton Edge will take care of it. That means your luggage is covered against future primate wars, apocalypse and even accidents that make you question the point of living – all of it gets covered, no questions asked, including airline damage. To top that marvellous news off, they’d even pick up your faulty luggage, fix it and drop it back spanking new! At least this way you can relax, sit back and have these folks do the running around. Hallelujah, am I right?

Use the Carlton Edge App for easy product registration and service claims. It also comes equipped with must-have travel utilities for business travellers. You can download the app here: Play store and Apple store.