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Before we start off, let me tell you a little story about how I got my first bike. Fresh from the showroom, even the bike’s papers hadn’t been delivered yet. Mum got a black thread that I wrapped around the handle, a nimbu was kept under both the tyres & since we were going all guns blazing, I even had a couple of spoons of the staple dahi-cheeni. Nothing could go wrong, right? Well, guess what, it did. A couple of days later, an auto fellow decided to ram into the back of my bike. It was bad, not for me, but for my bike. The repairs were, well, costly, to say the least. 

Welcome to the world where we trust ‘certain things’ more than logic.

Quite honestly, I think this belief and the blind trust is what will be our downfall. Let’s be honest here. I  mean, I’m sure (like me) you must’ve at some point or the other trusted superstitions more than a practical solution for something. Of course, despite knowing the fact that a black thread or a nimbu-mirchi won’t save your beloved bike from a terrible mishap. And being the intelligent folks we are we never really think about the one thing that can save us – Insurance. 

This funny video by Bharti AXA perfectly captures what happens when blind faith becomes stronger than logic. Featuring a guy who has a really important interview to nail, it shows the kind of things he does before leaving.  Eating a spoon of curd, taking the aashirwad of his elders, hugging his mum and only then, realising that he forgot to use the magic potion that has the ability to solve all his life’s problems – #KauuveKaMaltyag (as ridiculous as it sounds, someday this might just be a legit thing). 

So, did he get the job or the luck he needed in life? You’ll probably have to find out yourself. 

Needless to say, the video is a message to all of us who believe in the supernatural more than the natural and an eye-opener for people to wake up from their slumber and take insurance more seriously.