Sick of being single when everyone on social media is so extra with their PDA? A Japanese YouTuber, Marina Fujiwara found the perfect way to deal with her Christmas blues as a single woman. She created a bulb that lights up every single time someone posts “I broke up” on Twitter, just to remind her that she isn’t alone. 


Named the “breakup light” Marina explained that she hates the public display of people show around the holidays. And so, this became the care gift she created for herself to get through Christmas. When connected to the internet through a “bridge“, alerts can be set to detect new social media posts about breaking up and that will trigger the light bulb to blink. How cool is that!


According to reports, she made the machine using a Philips Hue smart bulb that’s triggered to light up when the term “I broke up” is fetched from Twitter — an easy enough configuration done through a custom applet on the If This Then That web service. People are in love with her invention and are waiting for this whacky inventor to make it available in the market!

Marina is known for her outrageous inventions which she posts about on TwitterInstagram and YouTube  including fog-up glasses, the motivational money robot and the wine and roses machine. 

Which crazy invention of hers is your favourite?