I once had a fight with my brother because he said he will not give money to my kids. We were 7 and 9 years old, respectively, at the time.

My mom still cracks up thinking about it.

The reason I am telling you this embarrassing story is because I have stumbled upon this hilarious video of a young kid telling his mother that he is scared that he will never find love and hence, never become a parent. 

*Funny how I was having the exact same thoughts last night*.

The video starts with the kid asking his mom if she is recording him. She says no but continues to do so. Soon, the child starts crying and asks his mom what will happen to him if no one marries him?!

To which his mother says that, that is also fine. He can study and live alone. But the child wasn’t too impressed with idea. He repeated that what if no one wants to date him in future?

The ever-consoling mother told him that everyone doesn’t have a girlfriend. To which the child responded.

So, you see? His main problem was that he won’t become a father (my heart).

Anyway, his mother then told him that he will find someone, but the child just wasn’t getting convinced. He feared that he will get friend-zoned (we have all been there, kid).

A lot of crying later, his mother told him that he will find someone like she and her husband found each other, and the child sharply responded.

I wish I could tell this kid that it will become better but as someone who is planning to buy a house and live alone with cats, I really don’t think I am in a position to. 

You can watch this video, here: