Under the lockdown, I’ve missed 5 things the most. The first three are golgappas, the fourth I can’t write here because my mom reads my articles and the fifth is my boyfriend. 

Yes, you read that right. I miss golgappas more than I miss my boyfriend and I am more than willing to list all the reasons on why I am right in doing so. 

You see, it took me dismal dates, heartbreak(s) and getting over fictional crushes (which was even more difficult than the actual heartbreak), to find my current boyfriend. 

It took me just one trip to the market with my mom as a kid to discover the object odes should have been written for – golgappas. 


Over the years my expectations from my partner kept lowering. But the joys that golgappas brought me, continued to increase with each new roadside joint I found. 


I was in college when I discovered that there can be more than two types of golgappe waala paani. 

Finally, I understood what Newton must have felt on discovering gravity. 


Moreover, unlike the time my boyfriend and I tried a new sex position, this did not end up in laughter, bruises in unlikely places, and a new-found respect for gymnasts. 


Over the years, I’ve been a part of many discussions around golgappas. 

On whether teekha paani is better or meetha paani. (I say, mix it). 

On whether we should call them golgappas or puchke. 

“What’s in a name? That which we call a golgappa by any other name would taste as sinfully good.” – Shakespear after golgappe shots


On which kind of golgappas taste better: suji or aata? (suji, suji, always suji. Agar papad khaana hai toh paapad khao, usse aata golgappa mat kaho)

But you know what’s the result of almost all these discussions? A trip to the galli ke golgappe wale bhaiya because all the discussion got me craving them golgappas. 


Whereas, if partners are coming up in a discussion with your friends, you know that screenshots, tears, and yes, wine are not far behind. 


Golgappas add just the right kind of spice in your life, don’t get jealous of other street foods, and if everyone’s lockdown Insta stories are to be believed, can be made in the comfort of our homes. 

Also, what’s the worst that can happen with a golgappa? The pressure from golgappe wale bhaiya

Well, it’s only because I could deal with that pressure as a kid, that I can deal with the pressure my boss puts on me as an adult. So, golgappas also give us life lessons. 

All my exes have given me are sad songs playlists and a healthy appreciation for cheap wine. 

It’s only under the lockdown that I’ve realized that the best things in life are indeed free – just like the aakhri sookha golgappas that golgappe waale bhaiya gives us. 

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This lockdown has me craving golgappas even more than gedis or girlfriends. In fact, it has even replaced my ex as my top Instagram search! 

Bottom line is, I could go on and on and on and on about why golgappas are better than a boyfriend. But I could just spend that time helping (read: silently observing) my mother make these at home, and waiting for the lockdown to get over. 

Here’s to the one thing where getting wet is a guarantee – golgappas. 

*Dear boyfriend, you’re not all that bad, okay? But golgappas are bae*