In today’s WTF news a German man ‘accidentally’ ordered 28 Tesla vehicles worth  €1.4 million (Rs 11.9 crore) online. 

Clean Technica

A user on Reddit who goes around by the username ‘Baloon Man’ revealed how his father accidentally placed an order for 27 Model 3s vehicle instead of just one. 


Apparently it wasn’t an impulsive buy but a glitch on the company’s website. The family reportedly placed an order for a new Model 3 with autopilot but Tesla’s website processed the order for 28 vehicles.  

Looks like all the extra Teslas ‘self-drove’ themselves into the man’s cart. Feels like a Rise Of The Planet Of Tesla situation.

Now initially when the user clicked ‘submit’, their order couldn’t be placed because of payment issues. But the family claimed that they correctly filed the payment details. 

Mercury News

The user’s father tried making the payment again and again for over two hours, when the website finally confirmed the order with a notification.


Turns out every failed attempt of the dad placing an order was processed a fresh order. Since the father must have tried to place the order 28 times, the website registered it as 28 Tesla’s worth €1.4 million (Rs 11.9 crore).  


Now I’m no expert but here are my two cents anyway. How can you trust Tesla’s automatic, self-driven cars with your life when they can’t handle a glitch on their website?   

Tech Crunch

That’s not it, there was a non-refundable charge of 100 Euro on each vehicle (Rs. 8,500 approx) which summed up to be 2800 Euro. However, the family got in touch with Tesla and they ‘manually’ fixed the ‘technical’ glitch. 

Turns out the amount of non-refundable amount of cancelling a Tesla i.e 100 Euros is my current bank account status.