From selling kurtas as vintage boho dresses to creating fake freckles with mehendi, we have seen our culture being misrepresented a number of times. While we have seen firangi websites selling desi products at a high price a lot of times, this NZ-based retailer took the game too far.

Recently, a New Zealand furniture store took an ordinary household product and marked up its price. What’s the special item, you ask? Well, it’s a charpai!

Annabelle’s, a lifestyle store, was selling an ordinary charpai or khat as ‘Vintage Indian Daybed’ for a whopping ₹41,211. Touted as a one-of-a-kind and original product, the charpai was being sold at least 10 times higher than its standard rate in India.


For the uninitiated, a charpai is a traditional handwoven bed that you must have seen at desi dhabas or at your grandparents’ house in India.


The most interesting part is that this is not the first desi item that is being sold at exuberant prices on the website. From trunk and stool to cupboard and bench, there are several other ‘vintage’ products available on their website


As soon as netizens heard of this, they couldn’t help but facepalm real hard.

Would you buy this ‘vintage daybed’?