Max Get More,a multi-brand shopping destination that lets you earn redeemable reward points on your bank’s card, set up shop last year, in Mumbai. You can book your tickets, shop, recharge your phone and book a hotel through an app and on the website. WOW! A one stop shop for everything I need.

But wait, what’s wrong with their ads?

This was spotted by one Imgurian.

Sexist, much? Wait till you see more.

Well, there are more things that are expected from a Sushil Bahu :

And the wives who don’t call their husbands like this- You’re clearly not ‘sushil’.

If you’re watching Discovery or Nat Geo or your favourite chick flick- You’re not doing it right girl!

Also, your gyaan is measured by the number of reward points you try to save.

Wait, there’s more and I bet you did not know this.

The traits of a responsible father:

All you 21st century husbands who sport an under cut- You guys are so irresponsible, I can’t even begin to say how much!

If we are to go by the image above- The fathers who are oozing with love for their children, you are clearly not a responsible person.

And I thought it was a special privilege reserved for suhaag raat .

They also have a say on how your Chacha (paternal uncle) should be like:

Apparently, sheet folding skills are a must to be a noble uncle!

If you are the quarter sleeves or half sleeves shirt kinds, we are so sorry.

Well, we had a good laugh looking at these. But we opine that they re-think these ads! That is, if they want more customers.