There is a restaurant in Denver a lot of people need to go to. So many people, it's not even funny. 

The place is called Tom's Diner and it charges people for asking stupid questions.

No joke. A user, named humblemangoes, shared a picture of the bill on Reddit and it legit says $0.38 (₹ 27) for 1 stupid question.

And it's something the restaurant gives you fair warning about, because it's a part of their menu. 

Tom's Diner menu
Source: India Today

Imagine if this happened in everyday life? You got a few rupees someone asked you a stupid question! 

I mean, I am no genius myself but I'd still be able to pay for a McDonald's meal every day.

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The restaurant has many such things as part of their menu, and their reason behind doing that, is maintaining humour. Talking about which, their manager Hunter Laundry says:  

It's meant to be playful. It's good to keep things light in today's world.
toms diner bill
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toms diner bill stupid questions
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Reddit toms diner
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Opening a branch in India, you guys?