Just days away from the T20 season, we found this rather intriguing video online that has really got us wondering. Take a look:

So, yeah, according to the video, there’s a new team that’s on the verge of entering the T20 scene. Now, the video has come right around April 1st, so we are definitely considering the possibility of the whole thing being nothing but a prank. But then again, we’ve also got to wonder, what if it isn’t. What if this is a legit team.

And that thought leads to a series of questions. Like who is that coach in the video? And, at this stage, when every other team is busy promoting their anthems and attending press conferences, why is this team still just trying to come up with a name? Who will be the star players of the team? Which state will they be representing? And most importantly, will they be playing this season?

Since the video establishes that the name starts with “Ch”, are we looking at a new city in the mix… or perhaps the comeback of one?

We are tracking this. Meanwhile, what do you make of the whole thing?

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