In a hilarious turn of events, one young teen from Sydney, Australia, recently proved to the world exactly how vapid the social media/smartphone generation really is. I’m talking ‘2+2= my mother’s cookies’ level of mind-numbing stupidity.

18-year-old Amy Sharp clearly doesn’t like bad photos of her floating on the internet, more so than being arrested.

Sharp recently escaped from the Surry Hills Corrective Services Cell Complex in Sydney just after 3 pm on Friday, last week. Naturally, local news agency 7 News Sydney reported on the story of the runaway teen on their channel and social media platforms, with her mugshots, urging the locals to hand her in to the authorities if she was spotted.

No sooner had the story been published on Facebook, that Ms Sharp promptly replied to her own ‘wanted’ post.

Requesting that they change the image in the post with a more impressionable image that she chose, Ms Sharp replied to the news agency’s post and proved to the world that bright lamps are rare in today’s world. 

“Can you use this photo, please and thank you” read Sharp’s comment on the post, followed by an angel emoticon. Yes, this really happened.

Sharp was arrested later that night, not too far away from where she originally escaped.

The comment got over 60,000 likes on Facebook, and the attention of the authorities soon enough. And, of course, 7 News decided to continue using her mugshots in the follow up posts, despite the young lady’s polite request. Check out the image that she would’ve had the authorities use below:

She’s… ‘special’.