There is no dearth of guidance today. People here, there, and everywhere are brimming with their bits of advice on literally everything on earth. Some such counsels really do make sense, but many-a-time, they’re just simply easier said than done. 

Recently, a twitter user tweeted about one such ludicrous piece of advice for “salaried class people” available on LinkedIn and we just couldn’t get over it.

And so couldn’t some Twitteratis out there.

The thing is that we all operate in different contexts and reality. We have our own sets of responsibilities and commitments to adhere. A generalized statement like this won’t be helpful to people who are already burdened by juggling between personal and professional obligations. Saving 50% of monthly salary is not a piece of cake.

At the end, in this world of information overload, it eventually boils down to us consumers. We all have to filter the information relevant for us. There is no other way but to be wise in terms of what goes into our system and what doesn’t.