Beer brands love using eye-catching names – from the juvenile ‘Bro Code’ to the quirky ‘Eight Finger Eddie’. But sometimes, certain drinks get a whole lot of attention without even meaning to. You’ve got cocktails like ‘Sex on the Beach’ and you’ve got whiskies called ‘Kuchh Nahi’. But the one we’re talking about in this article goes a step further.

Case in point – Lund Beer. You would think it’s from the beautiful city of Lund in Sweden. However, it actually appears to be a Brazilian brew. 

In fact, the beers themselves are made at Lund Brewery in the city of Ribeirão Preto in Brazil. 


That’s not all though – there even appears to be a pale ale version of Lund Beer! 

They’re the brainchild of entrepreneur Yussif Ali Mere Junior. This is what Untappd says about how it came around – 

Located in a prime spot in the city of Ribeirão Preto, Lund Brewery was born of the passion of entrepreneur Yussif Ali Mere Junior for special beers, and his great desire to have wonderful beers in the Land of Chope, as the city is known. To fulfill this dream, Yussif visited several breweries and many suppliers of equipment, both in Brazil and abroad.

They’ve also got a wit bier variety of Lund Beer.


Well, the drink looks tasty enough. Lekin iss beer ke saath bottoms up nahin karte!