8 years ago when I saw my mom randomly breaking into anulom vilom at 8:30 in the night, I knew something inside her had changed.

That change was brought about by Baba Ramdev. The man, the entrepreneur, the guru and the baba who made his way into our lives with wavy stomach movements.

Yog Sandesh

There is so much to learn from him, indeed. So, here are just 7 instances when Baba Ramdev proved that he lives in his own world and believes in being his unabashed self, always. 

1. Want to have that delicious butter chicken? First learn how to drink water with your tongue.

2. Let us put the chicken and egg debate to rest. What’s more important is WHERE the egg comes from.

Also, that fucking escalated. 

3. When he left the audience judging their life choices because they ended up doing exactly what the baba was condemning.

4. While mere mortals like us have to live with just 24 hours in a day, in Baba Ramdev’s world, you can enjoy 40 hours and get a lot more done.

5. Ironical for someone who has just launched his messenger app. 

Aapka jhooth maine pakad liya, baba. 

6. Sona sona baba, sona sona baba, sona sona sona.

7. 5/5 for teaching us how to eat a chocolate.

Baba Ramdev kapalbhati-ed the consciousness of us regular humans, and we’re so thankful for that.