No one, literally no one, can roast you and love you the way your mom does. While they teach you many lessons in some or other way. Here are some to remind you cannot mess with them.

1. Asking your mom to wake you up early? Be ready to face an emergency she will create to wake you up.

2. Never ask your mom what’s for lunch or be ready to eat Tinde, Dudhi for life.

3. You know she wakes up early and, messing up with her afternoon sleep is the last thing you would want to do. 

4. I hope you know this. Never reveal the price of the product you bought because she will make you feel like it wasn’t worth it.

5. Who needs nutrition when you have to eat everything your mother cooks. 

6. Mute the group, but never leave it. 

7. Be ready for a roasting session when you ask her, What’s for lunch?

8. Now you know where I get my confidence from.

9. When anxiety meets moms. 

10. I hope she allowed them to eat it. 

11. So you thought there is something like personal space at home? 

12. Mother’s to the rescue.

13. What’s fashion for you is a disaster for her.

14. Roasted with love. 

15. The next time you are bored, you know whom to contact.

16. She will always hate your phone.

Let us know what savage lessons you learned from your mother.