Ever since HBO blessed us with the profound wisdom of John Oliver, every week has been a hilarious minefield of exploding truth-bombs. Not only is this mad genius a first-world critique (like most late-night show hosts), he also has an expansive worldview and knows his shit when it comes to the world beyond the US of A. 


And his commentary on our mildly flawed, yet insanely awesome country are simply not to be missed. Here are a few times John Oliver’s take on specific Indian idiosyncrasies were simply bang on.

When he coaxed America to get up-to-speed about the Indian elections.

When he had some advice for Indian news channels.

When he summed up Indian news media in all its drug-induced glory.

This subtle burn for Delhi’s dystopian pollution situation.

When he basically figured out the Indian news media.

And when he figured how statistics is not really the media’s strong suit.

When he figured out our esteemed PM’s travel formula.

When he tried to decipher UK’s response to India asking for the Kohinoor.

When he had some things to say about the porn ban.

And he had a better solution to India’s depravity.

Awesome artwork by Lucky Mehendiratta

Images sourced from Hotstar