During a lockdown like the one we are in, the focus of media organisations shifts to things that are of utmost importance to the public.

This would include government schemes, precautions to be taken during a pandemic, and Taimur. Of course.

Because how are we possibly going to survive this nightmare of a situation without seeing him wave?


Times Now news anchor Navika Kumar understands this.

She was talking to Saif Ali Khan, better known as Taimur’s dad, during her primetime show News Hour – and told him: 

Viewers want another glimpse of Taimur, is it possible? If he can give flying kiss or just say bye?

To which Saif replied, “Let me check”. He then came back and said, “Taimur is doing potty”.

Which is, just, I don’t know…

For years now, we have been joking that Taimur’s potty will also become a news in this country. Well, should have been careful about that. The manifestation is way too strong.

Anyhow, things did not stop there. She went on to say:

It’s an important place to be at, no one can interrupt or disturb him there.

Which has to be the only time a Times Now anchor has cared about someone’s privacy.

Twitter also had a tough time believing that when so much is going on in the country, she would choose to talk about trivial issues like this.

On a serious note, I understand anchors’ desire to break the chain of negativity, but there are ways to do it. And this isn’t one of them.