It’s 2021 and time rehash proverbs. Not necessity but boredom is the mother of inventions.

I get it, everybody has a food fetish but some go too overboard with that. 

Just when we thought that we have seen every strange food combination, we stumbled upon the most bizzare Maggi dishes that we weren’t ready for!

I mean, people are ruining your maa ke haath ki Maggi, the irk is justifiable. Have a look.  

1. Maggie Milkshake 

Even looking at this image is disgusting, let alone trying it. 

2. Chocolate Maggie

Sometimes even bringing the best things together can be a pathetic decision. Chocolate Maggi is a clear example of that. 

3. Maggi with Curd

Someone on Twitter said ‘Maggi and curd is food for the soul’. I feel sorry for the soul.

4. Maggie Laddoos

To make this, one needs raw Maggi and additional items like jaggery, cardamom powder and butter. Do it at your own risk.

5. Oreo & Ice-Cream Maggi

She said only khatron ke khiladi can try this dish out. Make a note, folks.

6. Maggi in Beer

Delhi’s Housefull Cafe really put that in the froth, inviting the wrath of the Maggi lovers. 

7. Sweet Maggi

Meethi Maggi is making my soul nauseatic. 

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8. Maggi with Makki Ki Roti

Makki Di Roti not with Sarso Ka Saag but Maggi. Yep, you read it right. 

9. Maggi with oranges

Wait, what?

10. Maggi in Pani Puri

That’s it. I’m leaving this here. 

You and me right now: