Rakhi Sawant don’t give a damn. She’s an unfiltered, unapologetic force of nature something. We’re well aware that there’s a method to her madness, but it’s still fun to watch her wackily worded escapades.

Such as these…

1. While everyone’s been confused about GST, Rakhi Sawant knows exactly what it means

Recently, Rakhi Sawant was talking about the benefits of hot yoga at an event when reporters asked her whether she was happy about GST. To which she replied,

“Mujhe toh pehle laga GST matlab g**nd pe masti.”

That’s right, despite only the first letter of that glorious acronym even matching, it still conveys the general consensus regarding GST, and that’s all that really matters, isn’t it? Watch below, 1:30 onwards.


2. Everyone knew what Ajaz Khan’s movie would be, but Rakhi Sawant actually went ahead and said it

Ajaz Khan released the movie Love Day in 2016, and his buddy Rakhi Sawant put out a sweet little personal promo for it, wishing him luck for the release. Hearing her pronounce the name of the movie however, is like hanging out with the Ye Bik Gayi Hai Gormint Aunty. Watch!


3. During the AIB controversy, there were people for it, there were people against it and then there was Rakhi

The AIB roast faced a lot of flak from a bunch of squares over the use of coarse language. You can always count on Rakhi however, to bring a whole new perspective to the fiasco. She can change the game with just 5 magic words –

“Sab ne chitting ki hai.”

In a world full of squares, be a Rakhi!