The world deems extroverts to be a bunch of loud, obnoxious people who completely and totally lose their sense of self when they’re alone for even a minute. Well, that’s not the case. Extroverts are just… extroverts. They like to recharge themselves by talking to people as opposed to those who like alone-time over going out to unwind.

When your characteristics are ‘predefined’ by the society, it’s natural for them to throw some stereotypical, banal comments at you. If you’re an extrovert, I am sure you’re fed up with these annoying comments:

1. Kamm bola karr , you look stupid.”

Tu toh kamm bol karr bhi bewakoof laggta hai.

2. ” Chup ho jaa yaar .”

Same to you.

3. “Don’t talk so loudly.”

I gather you’re really sensitive. *whispers*

4. “You don’t always have to try to be the centre of attention.”

You don’t always have to try to look smart.

5. ” Aaj ghar pe rukk jaate hain .”

Ghar pe party karrenge?

6. Parents: “Don’t call your friends home when we are gone.”

Ha ha. Right.

7. ” Harr samey apne doston ke saath baahar jaana chhod do.

Akele jaane mein mazza nahi aata.

8. ” Saans toh ley ley bhai!

Sunn toh tuu!

9. “You’re being to clingy, you know.”

No, I am just trying to be friends!

10. “You’re being annoying.”

You too.

11. ” Yaar, shaanti se baithjaa.

Do you not like me or what?

12. ” Bolne se pehle sochte bhi ho?

Haan , but kabhi kabhi nahi. But you know… It’s not like that. Bas thoda saa naa … *doesn’t stop talking*

13. ” Doosron ke maamle mein naak naa ghussaao.

Who will help them then? You? Tell me. Will you?

14. “Looks like you like that guy/girl a lot!”

Yes, because talking to someone means you like them. Of course.

15. ” Haath se baat karrte ho yaa mooh se?

Dono . Next question?

16. “I’ve work, I’ll stay home tonight.”

Koi nahi , I will bring the party to your place. For you. And for me.

17. When you’re quiet: “Are you depressed?”

I can’t rest now?

I am done with my work. Time to hang out with friends. See you later!

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