The phone pings and you unlock it only to be horrified at the grotesque male genital staring at you. So, what do you do when you receive a random picture of a dick from a complete stranger?

Many options come to mind.

You block the cock, and the person it belongs to. You report it. Or ignore it. In my case, maybe throw up a little.

Well, a young lady from the UK named Sarah-Louise Jordan decided to take one such lewd invitation in her stride and respond to all the horny, desperate losers out there, once and for all.

She expressed her heartfelt emotions and opinions by penning a letter that has been winning the internet ever since it was posted. Witty and sarcastic as hell, her words have resonated with thousands of women who are still haunted by the unwanted images of flesh rockets they have received over the years.

Here’s hoping that after reading this universal message, creeps will think twice before pulling their penises out of their pants.

Here’s what the ‘corporate’ letter says:

We’re reading this masterpiece thanks to a Twitter user (@maellevie) who decided it just had to be shared with the world.

Needless to say, the letter resonated with women across the world.

Sarah Jones shut down the case, my friends. Quite the ballsy young woman, I say.

So, run along, Mr. Dick. You aren’t welcome here.