Just a week into lockdown, a very old friend of mine asked me to download Ludo King. I did not want to. So I asked him why I would do such a thing. He replied that it would help us hang out and chill. 


It’s been almost two months since that day and I still don’t know what he was on about. We hadn’t hung out in ages. So I have no idea what about the quarantine made him want to play online Ludo. 


In the last two months, I have had countless requests to download the same game. I have one very simple answer. NO!


Whoever you are, if you’re reading this, just stop bugging people about downloading Ludo King. We don’t care that you’re bored. We don’t even care if the game’s good. It’s Ludo. Nothing much about it has changed in the last few decades!

Also, if you really wanted to hang out, you could just play normal people games like PUBG or COD. Everyone has them on their phones. And they are a lot more fun to play anyway. 

Steam communiy

And look, I know Ludo is a nice game. But I don’t want to play it. Not online. Not with you. Especially when I know that you are only doing it because ‘Oh hey. We’re all locked up. Now let’s play it like we did when we were kids’. Well, we aren’t kids anymore, are we?


And if you are a colleague making people play the game and making a WhatsApp group about it, grow the fuck up and get a life. Watch Netflix or a thousand other things Or just sleep, my man. 

There’s a reason nobody wants to spend an extra minute in office unless they have to. And it ain’t the building, dude!


So yeah, let me live this lockdown in peace. I’ve got enough shit to worry about without having to download a game that I have a board for and committing hours to you when I finally have time to spend with my family. 

Also, you get real competitive, man. Calm your testosterone, bro. It’s only Ludo. It’ not even a real sport. It’s literally rolling a dice and praying. 


Just stop, man. Okay. Let it go. Nobody is as interested in Ludo King as much as you. Not even your own parents. Even God’s watching from above and being like, ‘Arey BC‘!

Please stop!