We all have memories of our teachers and their weird/good/bad/funny habits, right? Yeah, that smile on your face right there says it all.

Even I had a teacher who had a very weird way of embarrassing us. No, my sensei didn’t make us stand outside the class, he did worse.

He used to announce our marks in front of the entire class. And, I am pretty sure even you have had that one teacher in your life who did exactly that.

Welcome to the club machas. Oh! What a dreadful moment it used to be, especially if that teacher used to teach us the subject we weren’t good at. For me, that subject used to be Maths.

I never got a hang of it. So, naturally I never wanted anyone to know my marks, not even me, myself. But, thanks to my teacher, not just me, but the whole class got to know my marks.

Yes, just like many of your teachers, even my teacher would individually call us one by one and give us our answer sheets by shouting our marks aloud. What a NIGHTMARE, it used to be!

As if our marks weren’t enough to make us feel bad about how we performed. So, why did you have to go that extra-mile to embarrass us?

Was this your way of getting back at us for all times we didn’t let you complete your lecture or do your homework? Because if it was, you succeeded at it. 

It was quite humiliating for us to hear our marks read out aloud like that. You could have just called us by our names and given us our answer sheets to see for ourselves, no?

But hey, that doesn’t mean we hate you. We just hate the fact that you never considered how we must have felt. Mere marks mujhe dikhao na, the entire class didn’t have to know about it.

As former students of yours we are sorry if we got on your nerves more than required but now, we come in peace and we don’t want you to continue with this behaviour, okay?

Next time, please encourage your students to perform better because, years have gone by, but l still can’t forget the embarrassment I faced. 
Yours sincerely,
Scarred ex-student