One fine day, I decided to flip through my sister's wedding album, hoping to find some really good pictures of mine. Instead, what I found was this...

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... and this.

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The two main reasons why I attend weddings are - to dress up and eat.

But it somehow hurts real bad when the photographer clicks me only when I'm eating.

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See, weddings mein khana itna achha hota hai ki main to toot padti hoon.

And the photographer who was till now busy clicking pictures of families and loved up couples, suddenly turns his camera towards me.

It's not that I don't love limelight. Achhi baat hai, you should click my pictures. But aise? Nahi yaar. With all the food that could possibly fit in my plate, and my mouth wide open, achha nahin lagta.

Waise toh I am a very calm person, but I have the urge of beating that photographer to death when he clicks my pictures while I eat.

Or if you follow this person's advice, you can even try this. It'll be fun.

Abhi thodi der pehle jab maine sangeet mein perform kiya tha, tab where were you? And where the hell were you when I was giving away aesthetic poses with my friends?

Tum toh pictures click kar ke nikal lete ho. You've no idea what embarrassment we have to go through after that when everyone's flipping through the wedding album or scrolling through the pictures.

Those pictures and videos keep haunting us for a long time. Also, kaafi evident bhi ho jaata hai that I was there only for the food.

Moreover, you're screwed if you have gatecrashed a wedding and get clicked while eating. The only purpose of wedding crashers is to eat unlimited food without getting noticed by anyone.

And here we are, in the pictures and even videos. Woh bhi zoom kar kar ke.

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Just get that camera off me yaar.