When you haven’t seen your college friends in ages, when you haven’t enjoyed a movie in the theatre for a long time, when it’s been decades since you’ve eaten out at a nice restaurant – that’s when you know you’re spending too much time in your office. From morning to night, dusk to dawn, you find yourself toiling away in front of your computer. We’re not sure if that’s a good thing. Here are 10 signs that you’re spending way too much time at work:

1. You’ve actually witnessed the early morning cleaning sessions done in offices where people come in with vacuum cleaners and tidy up the place.

2. You’ve seen way too many sunrises from your office. That means you’re spending way too many late nights by the way.

3. There are days when you’re literally the only person left in the entire office.

4. It doesn’t even upset you anymore that you have to go in to work on a Saturday or Sunday. You just accept it as normal.

5. You know the intricate details of the floor/carpet design in your office.

6. You eat your dinner in office so often that when you happen to eat dinner at home it feels like you’re dining in a fancy restaurant.

7. There are more things you love around your workstation than in your apartment.

8. 92% of your selfies are taken in office – be it the restroom, your seat, the reception or anywhere else.

9. Pretty much every person in your office – be it your colleagues or the security guards or even the ghosts roaming around after midnight – has said this to you: “Another late night? Damn! Anyway, goodbye.”

10. Mosquitoes trapped inside a room have more of a social life than you!

It’s cool to love your work but come on you need a break every now and then. Go on, get out, go dance your ass off, grab a few drinks. Show those mosquitoes how to party.