There are normal languages and then there's lingo every employee is familiar with. It could come in a plethora of tongues but at the end of the day, all of it comes down to making your work more than you get paid. 

1. We are a family. 

Translation: We are going to treat you like crap because that's what family does. 

Source: Gifer

2. Do you have bandwidth?

Translation: There's a ton of work coming your way and you're going to have to cancel dinner plans. 

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3. We are going to have a get together. 

Translation: Everyone is going to get drunk and talk behind everybody's back and then pretend it's all cool till the next get together. 

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4. Everyone who is starting their has to work harder. 

Translation: We wanted an intern but you were so desperate for a job, we just couldn't resist. 

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5. Weekends are off but...

Translation: Yeah, they are not off!

Source: Gfycat

6. You've been smoking a lot. 

Translation: You have been taking too many breaks. 

Source: Wee gutter snipe

7. Arey, aa jaaegi salary. 

Translation: I don't live paycheque to paycheque, hence, I don't care. 

Source: Nojoto

8. HR ne bulaya hai meeting. 

Translation: This is going to be a colossal waste of everyone's time. 

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9. We are going to have some team activities. 

Translation: We are going to try to give you free booze so that you can momentarily forget about how miserable your life is at work. 

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10. Did you leave early yesterday? 

Translation: You left 10 minutes before time but we're going to make it sound like you took a half-day. 

Source: Twitter

11. Don't worry about the appraisal. 

Translation: Nahi milega! C*htiya banaya, bada mazaa aaya. *in chorus with HR*

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12. The boss is always right. 

Translation: You have to kiss my a**. 

Source: YouTube

13. Can we call you after office hours if there's an emergency?

Translation: There's no emergency that requires you but we just want to exploit you for cheap labour. 

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14. When I was your age...

Translation: I am going to tell you a supposedly inspirational yet false story about how my generation did all the hard work, freeloader. 

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15. Can I ask why you wanted the leave? 

Translation: We hope you tell us a story so that we can catch you in a lie. 

Source: Tenor

There's your enigma machine decoded. Now you know, how they are coming for you.