Kya aapne kabhi choona lagana search kara hai?

Don’t worry if you haven’t for there is a brand new app ‘designed to make you the fraud you always wanted to be’.

The idea is a breakthrough in a country like ours, where stories of some multi-million dollar scams are not uncommon at all. 


We’re kidding, of course, but if there existed such an app, this Trivago ad parody by The Little Anarky would be perfect for it.

According to this hilarious ad, the app allows you to search for the best and easiest banks for looting.

The steps are simple. Here’s the first one.

MaalGo has a list of less than 100 banks from 195 countries, which will make your choice easy. Once you have selected the bank, you can adjust the black money limit, according to your aukaat.

MaalGo will also show you a variety of banks for the same amount of choona, so that you ‘invest’ your money in ideal economy.

Right country, right bank for the right bank price- that’s MaalGo’s goal. 

So what are you waiting for? Find your lul bank and runaway country with MaalGo app today.

I wonder if there is in fact a secret app like this, that people like fraudsters use. Guess we’ll never know.