Former Uttarakhand Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat has said that coronavirus is a living organism that has a right to live. Well, that makes sense. But if you’re perplexed, we have a little list for you using the same logic and everyday things!

1. Cops have lathis, so they have the right to beat people up.


2. Megalomaniacal governments have the right to ignore their own people and build palaces.


3. ISIS is a terrorist organisation. They have the right to terrorise people. 

Wilson Center

4. Rich people are human, they have the right to be able to make huge profits during a pandemic. 


5. White people have historically been racist. They have a right to continue being so. 


6. Male heads of countries are, to state the obvious, men. They have the right to catcall fellow politicians. 


7. Drivers are also people, they have the right to blind you with high beam on the road. 


8. Random children deserve to be entertained. They have the right to use your phone. 


9. People in theaters are busy, they have the right to talk on the phone while watching a movie


10. Thieves have only one job. So, they have the right to steal. 


Well, there you go. Get ready for a world of hurt.