There’s a saying- “When in Delhi, do whatever you want to do mahn “. It’s not a popular saying. Every place has its own flavor in food, music and idiosyncrasies. Delhi is known for so many things. Off the top of my mind, ‘ Dilli ki sardi ‘, ‘ Dilli ki chat ‘, ‘ Dilli ki gaali /Parliament sessions ‘ and ‘ Delhi Daredevils ‘. But beyond these pressing subjects, there are so many little things that we overlook everyday. Here is a reminder.

Delhi based artists Samrat Ray and Abhishek Prasad inked the spirit of Delhi with this series of posters called ‘ Dilli Tere Baap Ki Nahi! ‘ sometime back, and it’s surely something you will relate to. Take a look.

1. You don’t say!

2. Even if you’re alone

3. ” Gorakhpur jaana hai ” ” Haan baith jao, raste me padta hai

4. Brand new meter

5. Luggage phenk doon kya?

6. It’s like going to law school

7. Place no bar

8. Because A/C is too mainstream

9. Sutta ka packet kaun khareedta hai?

10. Every ‘ bijnnessman

If you like what you see, you can check more collaborated work from the artists at rayandprasad .