Would you rather be stuck in a heatwave, spit-roasted alive under the slow-burning flame of the scorching summer sun or drown in the trenches of filthy gutter water amidst incessant torrential downpour that like most men on Tinder, can’t seem to take a hint? Answer: would rather be in Manali, enjoying mountain Maggi and chilly gusts of wind.

But anyway, fantasy aside, Bangalore is undergoing some ugly rainfall and Twitter is going berserk: 

At trying hours like this, let’s not forget to honour the unsung warriors who brave against all odds to keep our cities safe. If you are in a position of privilege, in any capacity, lend a helping hand to those in need!

If you still think climate change is a hoax, please stick your head down the toilet or even better, enjoy a relaxing dip in the sewer water infested streets of Bangalore.