18. After can traffic winner go on my Insta bio?

1. ‘Traveller’ is definitely in every Bangalorean’s Tinder bio.

2. You don’t know patience till you get stuck in Bengaluru traffic.

3. You wouldn’t wanna die in traffic.

4. You get enough time to repent.

5. Meri maa, teri maa, sabki maa!

6. It’s no game.

7. Man and machine are finally on the same level!

8. It’s the bridge of all pains.

9. No amount of bubble-wrap will ever be enough.

10. Gotta keep up with the news!

11. I’m sure he just follows a very healthy lifestyle.

12. This guy has the right idea.

13. Every city has its own hobby!

14. Majboori ka naam hai Bengaluru traffic.

15. What’s your five-year plan?

16. After all, it’s a routine!

17. The only escape from it is to go to another city.

19. Probably best to set up your kingdom on the road.

20. Hey, you gotta make the best of what you got.

21. Smart guy.

Honk twice if you agree!