"Why isn't he picking up my call?"
"Am I overdoing this?" 
"Could I be any more hesitant?" 
"Is she on a date with someone else?"
"Does anybody even love me?" 
"Did I unplug the hair straightener?" 
"What is life anyway?"

Overthinking is mentally exhausting and it's certainly not a good habit. Most of us, end up overthinking situations and things in general which ultimately just adds to the tension and anxiety. 

Overthinking also spoils our mood and makes us depressed but we still end up doing it, no matter how hard we try to avoid it. 

Of course, none of us overthink things intentionally. It just happens and when it does, we just can't get ourselves to stop. The struggle is real!

On that note, here are some hilarious tweets on overthinking that will crack you up and maybe distract your mind from whatever it is overthinking about.  

Overthinking=Buzz kill!