In 2022, it is still appalling how our menses continue to be a taboo topic. Let’s face it – it’s unpleasant, painful and incredibly vexing as it is. It would certainly help if we didn’t have to bury it in a veil of shame. 

Sometimes women just want to scream from the roofs, but instead, we have to hide it as our dirty little secret at the risk of overriding stereotypes that deem women as “moody” or “crazy” during their cycle. I mean, if you had ounces of blood sucked out of your body, why wouldn’t you want to scream?

A large part of the problem? Men. It’s funny how men will go to any lengths to avoid even using the term period like it’s the first rule of Fight Club. Most men want to evade the subject because it’s a “girl’s problem.” Some unsympathetic and outright disrespectful men like to crack jokes that amuse no one. Others have no clue what they’re talking about. Very few invest the time and energy to educate themselves about the topic. 

These hilarious tweets perfectly encapsulate how men deal with the topic of menstruation:

It’s a sad reality that most adult men – and women – are still highly uncomfortable talking about menstruation. Something that is so natural to all women shouldn’t be discarded as a taboo. It’s high time this changed – period.